In 2012, the Wells Gray Action Committee formed to halt logging in the Clearwater Valley — the southern corridor entrance and Clearwater's connection to Wells Gray Provincial Park — until such time as non-fibre values inherent in the valley are given equal priority. In 2017 the Wells Gray Action Committee registered as the Wells Gray Gateway Protection Society.

The Society’s goals
• To protect the integrity of the Clearwater River watershed.
• To protect Mountain Caribou habitat in the Clearwater Valley.
• To protect the water sources that residents of the Clearwater Valley depend upon.
• To ensure that the Wells Gray Park road remains unaffected by washouts and flooding caused by upstream industrial logging activities.
• To protect the tourism product that is important to the economy of Clearwater.
• To ensure that the Guiding Principles for the Management of Land and Resources in the Clearwater Valley are respected and accepted.

The Wells Gray Gateway Protection Society